Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In the spirit of the new year and inspired by Design Darling's Mackenzie Horan's list, I'm going to lay out a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 1001 days = 2.75 years, a big chunk of which is leading up to my wedding, so this list will definitely include some wedding related items that I want to do.

Today is January 3, 2017 and I have a small goal of getting to at least half of these things by my wedding day on May 5, 2018. I don't see the list as a strict, binding thing, but I view it as more of list of higher goals of things I want to do, see and experience. I think it can be fluid; I can decide against things, swap them out, or alter them based on where I am in my life and what's going on.

So here goes!

  1. Start a personal journal.
  2. Cook a recipe once a week from a cookbook.
  3. Try one new workout class or studio per month.
  4. Book hotel blocks for our wedding.
  5. Be more understanding and patient with people.
  6. Read one book per month.
  7. Travel to a new city in Europe.
  8. Learn how to make a new cocktail.
  9. Visit a new city in the US.
  10. Cook a full meal and make cocktails for my fiancé to surprise him.
  11. Get more into interior decorating.
  12. Buy a pair of new glasses. 
  13. Watch all The Godfather movies.
  14. Cook a full meal and make cocktails for my parents.
  15. Buy a wedding dress.
  16. Join a fantasy sports league.
  17. Clean out my closet and get rid of stuff I haven't worn in a year or more.
  18. Cut out carbs for a week or more straight.
  19. Donate or volunteer with a charity.
  20. Get bangs. (maybe after my wedding?)
  21. Go see a classic movie at the theater.
  22. Go to a place I've never been in Massachusetts.
  23. Purchase a fancy camera and learn how to use it.
  24. Attend a professional (or college) sports game in another city.
  25. Try a cuisine I've never had before.
  26. Book our honeymoon.
  27. Find amazing wedding gifts for the 4 weddings I'm attending in 2017.
  28. Do a juice cleanse for a day.
  29. Get a massage.
  30. Get a facial.
  31. Adopt a dog.
  32. Purchase a home.
  33. Bake a cake by myself.
  34. Order address labels.
  35. Create a wedding website.
  36. Design save the date cards.
  37. Order wedding invitations and thank you notes.
  38. Book a wedding photographer.
  39. Book a wedding DJ.
  40. Book a wedding florist.
  41. Figure out a bachelorette party plan.
  42. Make homemade hummus (when I get a food processor).
  43. Go to an indoor trampoline park.
  44. Do a paint night again.
  45. Attend a marketing class. 
  46. Go see OU football play in Norman.
  47. Go to a Patriots regular season game.
  48. Try 1 new restaurant per month.
  49. Make my fiancé breakfast in bed.
  50. Start getting my eyebrows waxed.
  51. Run 4 miles.
  52. Always remember to use Ebates when online shopping!
  53. Do a duck tour in Boston.
  54. Go to Plymouth Rock.
  55. Make something DIY.
  56. Go on a boat ride.
  57. Watch an older TV series from start to finish like The Sopranos or The Wire.
  58. Fill out a March Madness bracket.
  59. Take a golf lesson.
  60. Try out a spray tan.
  61. Go see a comedy show.
  62. Take a cooking class.
  63. Use up more makeup before buying more.
  64. Blog more often.
  65. Transfer this blog over to WordPress and get a new template and/or name.
  66. Cut the cable cord.
  67. Visit the Sam Adams brewery. 
  68. Save money from every paycheck.
  69. Take clothes and accessories to consignment more often.
  70. Take mental health days from work every once in a while.
  71. Purchase nice noise cancelling headphones.
  72. Do a side-gig on Upwork.
  73. Attend a political rally or city council meeting.
  74. Do an at-home spa day.
  75. Re-wear some of the fancy dresses I love.
  76. Wear my glasses once a week or more for a full day to give my eyes a break.
  77. Take social media and smartphone breaks periodically.
  78. Pick out bridesmaid dresses for my wedding.
  79. Worry less about things outside my control.
  80. Create a wedding playlist.
  81. Invest more in my Roth IRA.
  82. Grow an herb plant.
  83. Take time to read all the magazines I get in the mail.
  84. Make more of my own playlists on Spotify.
  85. Attend an outdoor concert.
  86. Volunteer at a pet shelter.
  87. Go on a spontaneous weekend or day trip.
  88. Go to Block Island.
  89. Go to NYC - haven't been in forever!
  90. Take my good shoes and boots to a cobbler.
  91. Take things to the dry cleaner and get things altered.
  92. Take a relaxing bubble bath.
  93. Attend a Boston blogger event.
  94. Pack lunches and prepare dinner in advance of the week.
  95. Read the newspaper.
  96. Put my smartphone down while watching TV - commercials don't count!
  97. Don't reach for my smartphone while driving.
  98. Keep up with doctor and dentist appointments.
  99. Visit one of my favorite places - Kiawah Island.
  100. Save up loose change.
  101. Throw out all my junk mail.

My plan from here on is to update this list with my progress as I go - while allowing myself to make changes if need be. It's supposed to be a fun thing for me to try to accomplish and while some of these things are hard to measure, I will try to think of a few examples of each of the more abstract things so I can reflect on whether I've made any progress or taken any small leaps.

Happy new year everyone! If you are doing one of these lists, please let me know in the comments, I'd love to read them! Or feel free to link to mine if you are gathering other lists!