The Best Work Bags

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

For me, a work bag absolutely has to fit my work laptop, a notebook and all of the stuff I'll need throughout the day. And honestly, it's pretty hard to find a bag that can do all of that! However, I've found a few options over the years that have worked pretty well for me so I thought I'd share for all the working girls out there! 

Lo & Sons: They have a bunch of different variations, but their bags are well made, sturdy and versatile. They are all made to hold laptops, tablets, notebooks and other items, all while being comfortable to carry. I have the OMG bag in black.

MZ Wallace: The quilted metro totes from MZ Wallace are unexpectedly good for work purposes! I just got the small metro tote in black and it fits my laptop, along with my cosmetic bag, wallet, sunglasses & more. 

Kate Spade: There are always different styles available from Kate Spade, in the store, at the outlet or at places like Marshall's. I got this tote a while back from my boyfriend's mom and absolutely love it! It looks nothing like a work bag but it's perfect to hold my laptop, a water bottle and much more. 


What do you use as your work bag?



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