The Best Work Bags

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

For me, a work bag absolutely has to fit my work laptop, a notebook and all of the stuff I'll need throughout the day. And honestly, it's pretty hard to find a bag that can do all of that! However, I've found a few options over the years that have worked pretty well for me so I thought I'd share for all the working girls out there! 

Lo & Sons: They have a bunch of different variations, but their bags are well made, sturdy and versatile. They are all made to hold laptops, tablets, notebooks and other items, all while being comfortable to carry. I have the OMG bag in black.

MZ Wallace: The quilted metro totes from MZ Wallace are unexpectedly good for work purposes! I just got the small metro tote in black and it fits my laptop, along with my cosmetic bag, wallet, sunglasses & more. 

Kate Spade: There are always different styles available from Kate Spade, in the store, at the outlet or at places like Marshall's. I got this tote a while back from my boyfriend's mom and absolutely love it! It looks nothing like a work bag but it's perfect to hold my laptop, a water bottle and much more. 


What do you use as your work bag?


7 Ways to Save Money & Hassle When Shopping Online

Monday, May 2, 2016

I actually hate shopping online, but in reality it can be super convenient and necessary at times. In order to make the most out of my online shopping experience, including getting the right sizes, finding great deals and minimizing the hassle, here are a few of my so-called best practices for online shopping.

1. Ebates: Ebates is basically free money for shopping online. All you have to do is visit Ebates before starting your shopping, click on the store or brand and it will direct you to the site to start shopping. Once you purchase, you'll be rewarded the % of cash back that the brand or store was offering at the time. From there, it's a direct deposit of cash into your bank account!

2. Sites with free shipping & returns: Look for sites that offer free shipping and free returns, that way you won't worry so much when buying something you're not familiar with. Stores like Nordstrom, Shopbop, Amazon, Zappos & others offer this deal and are much easier to deal with than paying for shipping and dealing with complicated returns.

3. Buy direct from brands: Be sure to comparison shop when buying an item that's available at many retailers. There are times when the direct brand site offers the best price and discount, so don't forget to check there! 

4. Try on in-store, buy online: I have bad luck buying clothes online so usually I'll shop around the stores in person, then buy online later when I can get a discount. Often times the store and online discounts can differ significantly.

5. Flash sale sites: Sites like Hautelook, Rue La La and Gilt can be great ways to get items you've been wanting at a better price. The only catch is that they often don't accept returns.

6. Buy in bulk: Instead of buying one-off items, save a list of things you want and buy in bulk because many sites only offer free shipping over a certain amount. 

7. Sign up for emails: The disclaimer for this one is that you can always unsubscribe! Many sites will offer a one-time discount for email sign ups, but another benefit is that they will send exclusive sales out to their subscribers so getting brand emails isn't always a bad thing!

What are your best tips for online shopping?