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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Master of None: If you love Aziz Ansari and you're a millennial, give this show a try. I was laughing out loud every episode.

Serial podcast: Season 2 is tackling the mind-boggling Bowe Bergdahl case. Kind of a different direction for this podcast since a lot of people expected another murder case. However, I'm two episodes in and very intrigued, especially since there have been a lot of new developments with Bergdahl since the podcast came out.

Making a Murderer: Seems like everyone is addicted to this one already! This 10 episode docu-series covers the conviction and eventual exoneration of Steven Avery in Wisconsin. Avery ends up getting accused of another crime after being out of prison for only 2 years. This show exposes a lot of police corruption, questionable convictions and problems in the justice system.

Homeland: Just watched the finale of this show and as always, it did not disappoint. The show has continued to hold my interest no matter how much it changes season to season.

The Affair: I'm still several episodes behind in season 2 but looking forward to finally finding out who killed Scotty Lockhart.

What shows are you currently watching? Are you listening to any podcasts?



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