Fall TV Watch List

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall TV is finally back! I've waited all summer to get into some new shows and to get back to some of my favorite shows over the last few years. Here's what I'll be watching:

New shows: 

Quantico: This is about the FBI training center called Quantico. The premise seems to be about how one of the recruits is actually a terrorist but nobody knows who it is. Looks really intriguing. 

Blood & Oil: This show is about two young people who move up north to work in the oil business and all of the business issues and politics that come up. I'm excited to see Chace Crawford back on TV! 

Scream Queens: I made it through the 2-hour premiere last week and I have to say I will probably be watching again. The show is similar to PLL but a bit more satirical and kooky. Great cast, wardrobe and one-liners. 

Returning shows: 

Homeland: Homeland is finally back! The hiatus between season is so long that I've forgotten what's supposed to happen this season, but I still can't wait!

How to Get Away With Murder: The season premiere did not disappoint. We already found out who Rebecca's killer was and new plot lines have been set in motion. 

Scandal: I'm really hoping this season is good and so far I'm into it. Olivia and Fitz are together, Cyrus is out of the White House, Huck is still in a really bad place and the gladiators are back to solving cases.

Happy Monday! (Is it ever though?)



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