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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Boots mascara (found at Target)

Marc Jacobs lip gloss ('heart shaped' color found at TJ Maxx)

Loft long cardigan (on sale!)

Sharing a few favorites this week, almost all of which I got on sale! I found the Marc Jacobs lip gloss at TJ Maxx for $10 and Marshall's had a few too, along with some Nars items, so check your local stores! Luckiest Girl Alive is sadly the only book I've read so far this summer, I need to get on my summer reading list already! It's a good read though, I definitely recommend it. Loft has some great stuff on sale right now (don't they always), like this chunky beaded necklace and long cardigan. The Benefit cheeky spot box o blushes is still available on their site. It was a holiday item and was on sale for a bit but isn't anymore, but it's still a great deal for six blushes, a highlighter and a mini brush. Lastly, I had never tried any of the Boots cosmetics at Target and I'm in love with this extreme length mascara, it's amazing quality! 



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