Early Fall Wish List & Recent Favorites

Monday, August 24, 2015

At this point in the summer, I'm definitely over the heat and humidity and ready to start scouting out fall clothes. I already know I need a new pair of ankle boots but I'd love to find a cheaper alternative to these Tory Burch ones. As for tops, I'm a big fan of plaid button-ups and Target has some great ones as well as Madewell. And for another season this year, I love the layered sweaters, like this one from Ann Taylor.

 Also sharing some other random favorites: I've finally started a few new shows including The Following, a suspense thriller-type show with Kevin Bacon, who plays a former FBI agent that's chasing a serial killer and his "followers," and the Wet Hot American Summer TV show on Netflix, a hilarious, kooky show about a summer camp, based on the movie. I also cannot stop drinking La Croix seltzers! I'm pretty much obsessed with all the flavors. How can these be so good but have no sugar or calories?!



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