3 Multi-Purpose Makeup Products

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I love buying beauty products and discovering new ways to do my makeup. But not all products are necessary to have in your makeup bag for a complete look. You can just as easily use classic products you already have, instead of falling for a brand's marketing ploy. Here are 3 great multi-purpose makeup products:

1. Concealer as eye primer: It's not really necessary to buy a special eyeshadow primer, you can just use any concealer or eyeshadow base. Combine that with a long wearing eyeshadow and you'll be good to go.

2. Bronzer/highlight or blush/highlight duo: No need to buy two different products, especially in the summertime. Get a combined product that has two different sides or a swirl of colors. I always prefer mine with shimmer. 

3. Tinted lip balm: Multiple layers of lip products is not always necessary. On lighter makeup days, go for a tinted lip balm or lip butter that provides color but isn't labor intensive or heavy duty. 

What are your favorite multi-purpose makeup products?



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