The Best Makeup for Photos and Video

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Giorgio Armani foundation -- I know it's pricey, but it's truly amazing. It really makes your skin glow and has a really nice finish. It's medium coverage but seems pretty build able, so if you are going to a special event like a wedding, put a little bit more on. Before you buy though, go to the makeup counter to get color matched because I think the color numbers are a bit tricky.

Makeup Forever HD foundation -- This is a good, slightly cheaper alternative to the Armani foundation.

Nars liquid eyeliner -- Any brand of liquid eyeliner will work but it will really make your eyes stand out and won't bleed or smear. 

YSL glossy stain -- Another pricey one, but this one is worth it as well in my opinion. The color does stay for a solid few hours and you don't have to touch up which is nice if you are at an event like a wedding. 

Smashbox Photo Finish primer -- If you have it, use a primer that's meant for photos and videos. I'm not sure it makes a huge difference, but it's worth doing just in case. 

Bobbi Brown blush -- A classic blush to warm up your cheeks is all you need if you're wearing a high definition foundation. This is one of my faves. 

Too Faced Natural Eyes palette -- I don't actually own this palette but have been wanting it for a while. I definitely recommend leaning towards a neutral eye for events where you'll be in photos or videos. Any palette will do, but steer away from bold colors or crazy combinations. 

What makeup do you recommend for photos and video?



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