5 Tips for Being a Bridesmaid

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This weekend I'm serving as a bridesmaid in my very first wedding. Even though this is my first time being in a wedding, I already have accumulated a few tips that I would recommend to anyone as they prepare for their friend's big day. A few are things I wish I'd done better and a few are just general tips and tricks so you'll feel a bit more prepared leading up to it. Feel free to add additional tips in the comments below!

1. Book your own appointments in advance: I definitely waited too long to book my hair and nail appointments. I get my hair highlighted but I would recommend this if you need it cut as well. Most weddings are in the spring and summer and there will be competition for appointments at most salons because it will be graduation, wedding and prom season all at once. When at the appointment, ask for advice on your hair-do for the big day from the stylist. Come in with a few ideas then just pick their brain to see what they recommend. (See #2) (Unless your bride has chosen for you already or if you are getting your nails done as a bridal party.) As far as nails go, pick neutrals or match your nail polish to your dress. Get a gel manicure if you can and get a fresh pedicure.

2. Think of possible hair styles: There are tons and tons of ideas for hair styles online. I recommend checking out Pinterest and making a board of your favorites. Also, search with a hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what girls with similar dresses have done with their hair.
3. Make a packing list: There's so much to remember to pack for a wedding, especially when you are traveling there from a decent distance. Make a list of each outfit you'll need for each wedding event, i.e., the outfit you'll wear to get ready before the ceremony, the rehearsal dinner outfit, etc. Also, think about miscellaneous items like a mini hair spray, lipstick/lipgloss, flip flops, a tote bag to carry all your stuff, etc.

4. Get a makeup tutorial at the mall: You may or may not be paying to have your hair and makeup done at the wedding but sometimes it's just too expensive or not necessary if you know how to do your own makeup well. I'm doing my own makeup for this wedding but need some tips on what color eyeshadow and lipstick to wear. If you go to any makeup counter or store like Sephora, they will give you a tutorial for free (you may have to buy a product though). This will help you feel confident in your look before the wedding and will give you a chance to make sure that you have the right products, especially for taking pictures.

5. Ask the bride for an itinerary: Most brides probably already do this but definitely ask for a schedule of events and information on what you need to do/wear for each event. Print out a copy and make sure you've done everything the week before. This will prove to be incredibly helpful for not only you but for the bridal party and the bride too.

Hope this helps! Happy wedding season everyone!

Here's a peek at my dress:



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