Recent Favorites

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's been a while since I've shared my recent favorites and since I added a few new items to my closet I thought it would be the perfect opportunity!

Madewell dress: Just picked up this dress from Madewell and bought this Madewell necklace to go with it. Looking forward to wearing it to a spring wedding and/or rehearsal dinner. 

The Girl on the Train: People have said this is the next Gone Girl....I can see some similarities, but regardless it's a great fast paced suspense novel about a girl who observes a couple from the train she rides everyday. Then something happens to the couple and suddenly finds herself as part of their life. 

Smashbox lip gloss: This is an old favorite that I recently rediscovered. It's the perfect basic pink and not too sticky. 

Nordstrom scarf: I randomly saw this in Nordy the other day and just had to have it. It's a gorgeous, big, flowy scarf. 

Loft necklace: Jewelry is now 40% off at Loft so I grabbed this necklace. I love that it's part woven fabric, part jewels. 

Teavana pineapple kona pop tea: I found out about this flavor when I got tea at Starbucks and now you can buy it loose leaf in the canister at any Starbucks. 


Vacation Packing List: Kiawah Island

Monday, March 30, 2015

My family and I just booked a vacation to Kiawah Island, South Carolina. We used to vacation there when I was younger so I am so excited to go back. The trip isn’t until September but I’m already imagining all the warm weather stuff I’ll bring with me. Of course, it’s down south so I’ll be bringing lots of colorful, lightweight stuff, like Lilly Pulitzer dresses. But Kiawah Island is full of activities like swimming, tennis, golf, etc., so I’ll also be bringing some more practical items too. Overall, it’s always important to have the right footwear for the given activity so I’ll be bringing as many different pairs of shoes as I can fit in my suitcase. 

Sandals: Something you always need to bring on a beach vacation is a great pair of flip flops that you can throw on really easily. I love having a pair that I can wear to the beach with a bathing suit and also pair with a casual outfit, like these Reef Premium Twyst sandals.  

Wedges: I love a comfortable pair of wedges to go with dresses and even dress up a nice pair of shorts and a cute top. 

Multi-purpose sneakers or flats: Perfect for walking around town and for light activities. I like having a pair of comfortable, stylish sneakers for shorts and a t-shirt and casual dresses, like these Reef Tropic Solid flats and these Reef Girl’s Deckhand 2 sneakers. 

For each day, I always make sure to have a beach bag filled with essentials for sunny, warm weather, like lip/cheek tint, a bathing suit and cover up, sunscreen, a book, sunglasses and a hat. For dinner each night, I am planning on bringing several types of dresses: some fancy, some casual (maybe to wear with a jean jacket) and some in between. I definitely am planning to buy a few more maxi dresses and am hoping to find a cute romper. 

Where are you dreaming of vacationing this spring and summer?


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Spring Wish List

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Please spring, get here fast so I can start buying spring stuff!!


Jeans to Wear This Spring

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whenever spring wants to begin, I'm ready for it! I've already been scouting plenty of outfits to wear when the weather finally warms up. One of the first items I look forward to wearing is different types of jeans...white jeans, lighter washes, cropped jeans, colored jeans, you name it. 

In New England, it doesn't really warm up that quickly so I’m not jumping right into sundresses and shorts. That’s why each season I usually rely on a few types of jeans that can work for that transitional period from March until full-on summer. Here are some super skinny jeans from NYDJ I've been eyeing as well as some colored and white jeans:

White jeans: Every woman should have a go-to pair of white jeans, whether they are cropped, skinny or boot cut. They essentially look good with any color top, but I usually go for black or a bright pop of color. 

Cropped jeans: I've been loving ankle length jeans to wear with flats or sandals. Typically I’ll pair skinny ankle jeans with a looser top, like a silk blouse or oversized light sweater. 

Colored jeans: These were a big trend a few years ago but I still love a few of my colored jeans. Some of the shades aren't as popular anymore, like the neon brights, but you could still rock basics like mint green, red or royal blue. I would definitely steer toward a neutral solid or patterned top with colored jeans. 

Recommendations on how to find jeans that work for you:

Definitely start with patience. Not every brand, cut or style works for everyone, but when you find one that works, stick with it. I recommend buying more than one pair of the same fit. I also used to think that designer jeans for women always ruled, but that’s not always true. Stores like Gap and J.Crew have affordable options that are good quality and on trend and you can get access to plenty of designer jeans for less at places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

Happy Spring! 


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Where I've Been + Dresses for Spring Weddings

Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm finally home for a few weeks in a row after traveling to Dallas and Atlanta for work and to DC to visit my sister and my friend. I definitely need a break from airports, I experienced more delayed and cancelled flights in the last few weeks than I ever have before. It was nice getting to spend a weekend at home with not much on my schedule. Here are a few pictures from my weekend in DC:

We went to visit the monuments around DC and got some great pictures of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

My sister and I checked out Dean & Deluca, a great gourmet market in Georgetown.

Also, I think I say this every year, but I'm looking for dresses to wear to a few spring weddings (and rehearsal dinners) and I'm having such a hard time finding anything! I've gone to a ton of stores and have shopped online but can't seem to find anything with the right price, fit and color. Here are a few that I've worn in the past:

I definitely need some ideas of where to shop and what brands to check out because right now I'm out of ideas! Here are a few styles that I am considering:

Cynthia Steffe, Lilly PulitzerShoshannaCynthia Steffe

Let me know if you have any suggestions of where to shop for wedding-appropriate dresses!

Happy Monday!