9 Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Saturday, February 21, 2015

With all the horrible winter weather lately, I've been catching up and binge watching some great shows. With things like Netflix, On Demand and Hulu, it's super easy to discover new shows and then watch all the episodes from the beginning. Below are some of the ones I recommend:

Friday Night Lights: Set in a small Texas town, this show is about a high school football team, the coach and his family. Sounds like a classic teen drama but it's so much more than that. 

Homeland: About a CIA agent who also struggles with mental health issues. She is extremely smart and good at her job but sometimes makes questionable decisions. 

Orange is the New Black: Based on the memoir, this show is about an upper/middle class white woman who goes to prison years after committing a non-violent crime. 

The Blacklist: One of the FBI's most wanted comes back to work with the FBI and sets his sights on Agent Elizabeth Keen, who he has a strange connection with. 

Scandal: A DC-area "fixer" saves powerful politicians from bad situations...and gets into some herself.

House of Cards: A manipulative politician works his way up by playing his cards just right, no matter what the stakes. 

The Affair: This is of course, about an affair, but there is also a mystery woven through the episodes about something that happens as a result of the two main characters' secret relationship.

How to Get Away with Murder: A high-powered lawyer takes students under her wing to teach them how to be defense lawyers...they really do learn how to get away with murder.

Breaking Bad: A former high school chemistry teacher becomes a meth cook along with his former student. 

Which TV shows do you recommend?



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