A Night Out With Tablelist & $50 Credit

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's not that easy to go out at night in the winter in New England. First of all, it's freezing cold. Second of all, no one wants to wait in line to get into a bar while standing in the cold. Third of all, it's hard to come up with a cute outfit that keeps you warm enough. But, as tough New Englanders we learn how to cope!

Tablelist, a mobile app and online service that allows you to book table and bottle service at bars and clubs, makes the process of going out a little easier. 

I tested out Tablelist this past weekend. The process was seamless. The app asks for a few pieces of basic information and also gives a short survey asking about your preferences. I thought the survey was an interesting feature because it's a good way for Tablelist to get to know its users and perhaps update the app accordingly in the future. 

I booked the table and bottle of champagne and selected the date and time. The interface is pretty cool. It shows pictures of each location and offers choices at several price points. Once you've selected, the app also asks if you want a reminder to book an Uber before your reservation. That was definitely a useful feature since I usually get carried away getting ready for the night. 

Once we got to Gem on Friday night, everything was great. We walked right in and our table was ready. Shortly after, we shared a nice bottle of champagne and later ordered some wine as well. It was really easy and stress free to know we already had a table set aside and our first round of drinks ready when we arrived. I would recommend using Tablelist if you know you have a group of people that want to go out or if you are having a birthday party or something similar.

Tablelist was nice enough to set me up with a promo code for all of you! You can sign up here or download the app (search for Tablelist in the app store). Then enter the promo code: PRETTYPIECESVIP to get $50 in Tablelist credit to use for a future booking. 




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