Holiday Entertaining: The Ultimate Cheese Plate

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A cheese plate is probably one of the easiest appetizers to make and is always a crowd pleaser. My friends and I had a wine and cheese party before Thanksgiving and decided to go beyond just the wine and cheese. We put together (see picture above) a complete cheese and charcuterie appetizer spread. So it wasn't on one of those fancy chalkboard or wooden cutting boards...but we had all the fixings and it was so delicious. 

Suggestions for the ultimate cheese plate:

-- Cheeses of different textures: soft, crumbly, dense, warm, creamy

I picked up a variety from Wegmans (see below): gouda, gruyere and goat cheese. We also had warm brie with jam, regular brie, blue cheese, cheddar and camembert. 

-- The vehicles: crusty bread, crackers, etc. 

-- Salty snacks: nuts, salami, prosciutto, olives, etc.

-- Sweet stuff: raspberries, dried apricots, pomegranate seeds, honey, jam, grapes, etc.

Here are some other ideas for what to include and how to lay out your cheese board:

What are your favorite things to include on a cheese board?



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