Winter Reading List

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two couples meet over "The Dinner" to discuss something regarding their children. The entire book is set at this dinner and in flashbacks. You learn about the relationships between the two couples and how they differ when it comes to their children. This is a creepy, suspenseful book that's creatively centered around one tense meal. Book review here

This is a heartwarming story about a young woman who takes a job caring for a man in a wheelchair. That might sound boring, but it's really a beautiful story about two unlikely friends who bond over the most simple things. Book review here

Everyone knows this story from the TV show on Netflix, but I recommend reading the book first. It's such an interesting story of a upper/middle class white girl who goes to prison for a small crime she committed 10 years prior. She ends up bonding with the women in prison and learning a lot about herself and life. The TV has a different tone, more comical and lighthearted. I just started the TV show and I like the book and show for different reasons and recommend both. Book review here.

Happy reading!



  1. Me Before You is on my TBR list. It's been on there for a while...I just need to get around to buying it! ha

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  3. I've been dying to read Orange is the New Black!! I'm so glad to hear it's good! Nice post :)

  4. Will have to pick up OITNB before the new season! Thanks for the recs


  5. I did not realize Orange is the New Black was a book before a show, how fun...I definitely have to read it.