Getting Fancy with New Frames

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I've worn eyeglasses since about fourth grade. I've just always had bad vision and as my eyeglasses prescription has gotten worse, glasses have actually become more stylish. I recently got a pair of Ray Ban frames that I absolutely love and don't feel self-conscious wearing. Although I do wear contacts most of the time, I love my glasses and feel like they are current and stylish, as opposed to being something I have to wear. 


When I bought my new glasses, I went to a store and while I do love the frames I found, I feel like I paid a bit too much for them. I should have checked out the possibility of buying eyeglasses online since so many websites have good selections and better prices. 

One of those sites is They have an excellent choice of brands, styles and prices. They even have frames starting at around $38, which actually look very similar to my Ray Bans. In addition, the site has prescription sunglasses in trendy styles like wayfarers and aviators.

If you'd like to order a pair of frames, I have an excellent offer for Pretty Pieces readers. Just enter the discount code "Blog10" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase. Also, check out the Virtual Mirror below to try on glasses and see how they look on your face before ordering online. 

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