Coach Does Studs

Friday, October 4, 2013

Coach has gone up and down for me...I loved them back in the day when they first debuted the signature C's and then I hated them when everyone and their mom had bags with C's or worse, G's. In the last few years Coach has made a comeback with more leather classic styles and traditional shapes. They just debuted their studded collection and I'm definitely a fan, it has just the right amount of edge. 

Would you buy something from Coach with studs?



  1. I love the studded details Coach currently with the newest collection. I agree, coach is a hit or miss.


  2. Oooh. I'm liking this slightly edgier look for Coach! I really like the black bag and the wallet!

  3. I am not a giant fan of Coach, but I would totally buy that second black bag. Good find!