Pretty Little Liars Style: Spencer

Thursday, June 6, 2013

If you've seen my Twitter account, then you know how excited I am for the Pretty Little Liars season 4 premiere. Last night was the "A Liars Guide to Rosewood" special recap episode before the premiere next week. I love the show for the mystery and suspense but also for the fashion of the four main characters, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria. Each one has a totally different style but they all wear great stuff that's a combination of high-end and discount fashion. I'm planning to spotlight all four main characters, but I'll start with my favorite, Spencer, the preppy, classic, proper one.

Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. I love pretty little liars! My heart stopped when I read last night! I though I missed the premier! Can't wait for next week!!

  2. I am so with you. I cannot wait for next week! EEEK!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I've never seen PLL, but I love her style!

  4. LOVE Spencer's wardrobe! She's my favorite of the four as well - her style is impeccable. Can't wait for the premiere!