Tell Me About Yourself...

Friday, May 24, 2013

I don't typically go into too much detail about my personal life on the blog. I feel that bits and pieces are appropriate but oversharing when it comes to my love of fashion, clothes and nice things is totally fitting. Thank you to Design Darling's Mackenzie Horan for starting the "So Tell Me About Yourself" feature on her blog. It's great to learn little tidbits about bloggers I follow and I thought I'd join the trend.  

**Favorite look of the moment: a basic sleeveless button down, leggings and a classic bag

All-time favorite movie(s): The Holiday, Anchorman, Vertigo, Billy Madison

Favorite nail color: Sally Hansen "Lavender Marquis"

Now playing while you work: "Beat This Summer" by Brad Paisley

The last thing you bought: a coral colored shift dress from Banana Republic

What you have planned for summer: as many beach days as possible!

**and a few of my own original questions....

The last book you read: Defending Jacob

TV show I've been wanting to watch: Scandal

Thanks for reading and pass on the trend! I'd love to hear about everyone's favorite things.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the look of the basic sleeveless button down. So fresh and put together. Happy Friday Darling! xx. McKenna Lou