Memorial Day Sales: Outlet Finds

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I braved the crowds and went to my local outlets because I thought the rainy weather would discourage people from going shopping. Man was I wrong! I waited in line to get into Kate Spade and even walked out of JCrew without a single thing because the lines for the fitting room were so long! However, I did have enough patience to shop around Kate Spade and check out some great stuff at Theory...and got some amazing deals. Here's what I bought:

The Kate Spade outlet had 40% off all handbags, jewelry and clothes and the handbags were an extra 20% off. 

I got this nylon jewel tote for around $50...originally $118.

I found this cute t-shirt for $25...originally $68. (It can be found here for $34!)

Snagged these earrings for $15....originally $38. (These can be found here for $38)

I also went to Theory and tried on quite a few cute dresses and decided on one.

I couldn't find the exact style but this one is pretty similar to the navy shift dress I found. It was originally over $290, then marked down to $145 and I ended up getting it for $108.

What deals did you find over Memorial Day Weekend?



  1. No shopping for me, sadly. Love the KS tshirt- cute!

  2. Somehow I managed to not spend a dime! But since we just came back from vacation, it was probably a good decision! ;)

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I love scoring a good deal! Looks like facing the crowds of shoppers was well worth it for you! Love that bag!

  4. I'm.So.Jealous!! I was afraid of the crowds and totally missed out. Such great finds, especially love the jewel tote!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd