Geek Chic

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ever since I got my Ray Ban glasses I've been obsessed with geek chic looks. A great blazer, skinny pants and your specs will make the perfect booksmart look. These are some of my favorite ways to rock your frames:

[images from Pinterest]

What's your favorite way to wear glasses?



  1. My friend in college wore 1-2 pairs of glasses freshman year and i found out later she didn't need them, they were just accessories! she always looked so fab.

  2. i am almost legally blind and have had glasses since i was 5 (seriously), so wearing glasses has never seemed cool or stylish to me! but i recently bought a "geek chic" pair of chanel glasses and i try to wear them more frequently and give my eyes a break from my contacts. i don't know if i look as cute as these girls above, but i sure try! ;)

    1. same here! ive had glasses since 4th grade and never considered them stylish until recently! i love the big frames now!

  3. I love all of these pics!! Such fun glasses. xx. McKenna Lou

  4. Love all these looks!

  5. I love geek chic. I got my glasses about a year ago, and I feel like a complete nerd when I wear them.