A Dress for Every Occasion

Monday, March 18, 2013

Every girl needs a variety of good, solid dresses in her closet for any occasion that could come up. Over the years I've gathered a good variety of dresses for special occasions, milestones, parties or any other random excuse to dress up. Max Studio is a company that makes any and every style dress for whatever occasion is is next on your calendar. They offer a wide variety of LBD's but also feature styles in neon colors, patterns and a range of fabrics for all seasons. Check out my favorites from Max Studio:

A Dress for Every Occasion

Max Studio

I personally love that turtleneck black dress since we are still stuck with winter weather here in Massachusetts. I picture it with black or gray tights and suede boots for a classy winter look.

For more, check out Max Studio's full collection of Black Tie Dresses and Designer Dresses.

Happy Monday everyone!


**Sponsored post in collaboration with Max Studio**


  1. A girl can never have too many "perfect for an occasion" dresses. I try and justify numerous purchases because I have to work events for my job sometimes. Really though, I just like buying pretty frocks!

  2. the garden party dress is my favorite!

  3. So cute! You should check out Shauna Mille's like from Penny Chic! She has such cute little black dresses!


  4. Pretty dresses!


  5. i think the garden party is my favorite it looks so fun!

    i would love if you stopped by my blog!! <3