Friday, February 22, 2013

They used to say "don't be too matchy matchy" but like so many other trends, this has changed. The matching colors mixed with different textures is very in right now, especially with bright colors like teal. The black on black and white on white has always been in style but now fashionistas are mixing fabrics and layering items of the same shade. I've been a little bit hesitant to step outside the box in terms of matching bright colors but if you break up an outfit with an off-color belt or accessory, it can make the trend a bit less intimidating. Here are some of my favorite looks:

What's your favorite monochromatic look?



  1. I love the teal on teal, it is spot on! But black on black is a personal favorite as well!

    X Kenzie

  2. omg that green outfit is amazing!!

    XO Meghan

  3. totally on for white on white, black on black...loving pic #1 too!

  4. I love the teal on teal, but my monochromatic color that I always rock is definitely red. There's something that screams femininity and being powerful in all red :)
    great post!

  5. I am loving monochromatic looks, especially mixing up patterns and textures. My fave is probably the mint/seafoam head to toe. But the black on black would probably be the easiest to wear. Great selections :)

    Two Leaf Clover