Mini-Emergency Kit

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm a frequent traveler. I travel about once a month for work and as much as I can for pleasure. I've bought so many travel sized shampoos and soaps but there's always something I end up needing when I'm on the road, whether it's some bobby pins, clear nail polish to repair nylons or makeup remover wipes.

Recently I found this Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit and thought to myself, how do I not have one of these?? It's a hand-sized little pouch that contains hairspray, nail polish and remover, a nail file, lip balm, earring backs, a sewing kit, deodorant, a tampon, floss, a band aid and more. If you travel at all, this is a great thing to keep in your carry on for those just-in-case situations....and it's only $15!

They also sell them at Sephora, Nordstrom and various other stores. 



  1. I gave one of these to my sister for Christmas!

  2. wait you can get it monogrammed?! me yes!

  3. I love the idea of this! Just to have around. Also would make a great gift!

    -The Plaid Princess

    1. totally! i want to buy one of these for every girl i work with!

  4. Super cute! I love this idea.. I think I might have to create my own.

    With Love From, Michigan

  5. I got one of these for Christmas in a cute, glittery black case (I think purchased at Urban Outfitters). Such a clever idea! I keep mine in the glove box in my car :)

  6. Hi darlin! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! I'm following you back of course:)! I don't travel much, but this will definitely come in handy when I do:)! My good friend lives in Boston...I want to visit one day:))!

  7. I just bought one of those minimergency kits for our trip to Thailand and they're pretty fabulous!

  8. Cute kit. I love the bright color of the case!!

    xo Ashley

  9. Okay, that's soooo cute!!!!!!! I would really love to have one!!!! Well I think every woman should have one!!!
    Your blog is really cool and I would really love you to visit mine and hear about your opinion or recommendations!!!

    Big kisses from Me, My fashion and I

  10. I love these emergency kits!

    Thanks for stopping by im following you too :)


  11. I seriously need to invest in one of these! I can't even tell you how often I forget EVERYTHING I need when's awful!

  12. I always thought they were cute.


  13. Hey girl! So sorry I am just getting back to your sweet comment on my blog design. I used Fabulous K for the blog design. I still need to finish up the Navi bar, but its almost there. I really love it. Thanks again + the Emergency Kit = amazing.
    The Pumpkin Spot

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