Things To Do on a "Snow Day"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today, because of Hurricane Sandy, my office is closed, along with many other offices and schools in Massachusetts. Because of the unexpected "WAH" or work at home day, I thought I should take the time to do a few things I've been meaning to do around the house.

Here are some ways you can pass the time while you wait out the storm.

Paint your nails

Find a great fall color and do that manicure you've been meaning to sit down and do. Don't forget base and top coat!

Gold: Essie (Good As Gold)
Purple: Sephora by OPI (Just a Little Dangerous)
Teal: Sephora by OPI (Teal We Meet Again)
Red: Essie (Leading Lady)

Organize your tangled jewelry

Invest in an earring/necklace tree and a jewelry organizer so you can see and find everything without tangling it.

(Also available at Marshall's/TJ Maxx or The Container Store.)

Put away summer clothes

Time to say goodbye to sundresses, tank tops and shorts. Find some good bins and categorize by type of clothing. Stackable bins are good for storage in closets or under your bed.

Watch a movie, read a book or start a TV series

I highly recommend Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, it's the ultimate page turner and mind game.

Stockpile clothes for consignment

Go through your clothes, accessories and shoes and anything you haven't worn in over a year should go into the pile. At most places you can make between 30 and 50% on your items. Second Time Around pays quarterly and places like Buffalo Exchange will pay you on the spot.

Stay safe during the storm!



  1. love your suggestions :) I've been meaning to start reading Gone Girl for some time now... now i'm even more determined to do so!


    Fashion Fractions

    1. i just finished it last night, its a page turner!!!

  2. What great ideas! Good luck with the storm... I hope everyone stays safe!

  3. Thanks for this post, I think it's awesome... As someone who has done all of the above during previous hurricanes...

    Stay safe please! xx

  4. LOVE your post! I've been looking to paint my nails navy for some reason. That is happening soon! Even though Sandy has already passed me.

    Stay safe everyone!

  5. Looks like you'll stay busy during the storm! What is your favorite fall nail color?

    1. i kinda want to try a gold polish because itll match a lot of things

  6. Such a good idea about the consignment shop! That will definitely help this college girl's clothing budget. Loving the gold essie polish too!

  7. Great selections of nail polish. As good as gold is fabulous.

  8. Great post! Adding these to my rainy day list!
    p.s. STA now pays out monthly!!!

    xoxo Elissa