Shopping Smart for Sale Items

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shop smart with the latest fall fashions and their sales! Fall has fallen, and the latest trends are out in full swing. As a college student, I try not to buy items at full price, and I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. Here are some examples of items I used to create a fall outfit, and everything was recently found on sale. 

Booties on sale now at Nordstrom
Dolce Vita $79.90 (original was $99.95)

Plum colored Paige Jeans, exact pair found at TJ Maxx for only $70
Original was at Nordstrom for $179

JCrew Necklace in Sea Mist on sale at the factory outlet for $16.50
Original was $29.50

JCrew bangle on sale at factory outlet for $22.50
Original was $32.50

Black BCBG wrap sweater, found at BCBG outlet store for $118.40
Original was $248

Must-have Theory white scoop neck t-shirt, always at the Theory outlet store for around $40
Original for $63

Kate Spade cross-body bag, found on sale last season for around $90
Original at Nordstrom for $178

JCrew stud earrings on sale at factory outlet for $11.50
Original was $16.50

OPI nail polish (in pamplona purple) on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $8
Original was $8.50

Tips on how save on the latest trends:
  1. Check TJ Maxx & Marshalls often. The good ones always have designer fashions, and if you’re lucky you can find items that are still full price in the store.
  2. Keep tabs on your favorite stores and their websites by checking back often to make sure you catch the sale.
  3. Look for free shipping, or often times stores will offer free shipping every few weeks, or an extra percentage off online orders.
  4. Items always go on sale eventually. If you can hold off on buying those cute boots for another few weeks, they’ll either go on sale or you can a similar version somewhere else for less. 
  6. Have fun with it! :-)

Where do you go to look for bargains? What are your favorite designers to look for at a lower price?



  1. TJ Maxx is the best...I always score some good deals :)

  2. Love those DV booties!!

    Xo, Rachel

  3. Great finds!!

    Whenever shopping online, I use sites like to search for coupon codes. If there is not one available, I usually wait as many retailers release codes multiple times throughout the month. I also use ebates whenever possible. Ebates gives you a percentage back of what you sell.


  4. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are only good if you are shopping in a good zipcode. I go to the fancy 'burbs locations to find the good steals!