Necklaces are Making a Statement

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Statement necklaces have been all the rage lately and there are more and more styles and ways to wear them than ever. A simple top can be totally revamped and color blocked with the addition of a statement necklace. You can even layer statement necklaces with layered shirts and sweaters for more contrast.

Necklace (Pree Brulee), Sweater (JCrew)

Necklace (JCrew Factory), Silk Button Down (Madewell)

Necklace (Kate Spade), Dress (French Connection)

Necklace (Karma Loop), Peplum Top (Nordstrom)

Necklace (Baublebar), Top (JCrew Factory)

How do you wear your favorite statement necklace?



  1. Hey! I literally am buying two of those necklaces this week, because of you! Such pretty options...I like how you color blocked them too, adding even more of a statement. I like wearing statement necklaces with monochromatic outfits to chic them up or with casual, slouchy tees to add a downtown funk to them. Great post! :)

    -Brittany of Suburb Chic

  2. thanks lady!! i just ordered a similar necklace to the first one and i love it!

  3. Love that Bauble Bar necklace!!! So bummed I missed that sale. Love all your pics.

  4. Statement necklaces are my weakness! I love them and can't have enough:) Love the ones you have listed. Never heard of pree brulee, thanks for introducing me to the site:) Looks like they have a lot of pretty jewels! Love this post girlie, xo

  5. Love this post. I also work for BaubleBar. That pink necklace would look gorgeous with the navy + white top - so fun!!

  6. Super cute combos! Love that French Conn dress

    Enjoy day 3 WAH! :)

    1. thanks, im starting to get a little stir crazy haha

  7. I love them too! I have that last one you have pictured, but I def need to look into the factory's so cute!!
    xo, amy

  8. You have an excellent fashion taste!!

    A chic kiss ;)

  9. Love all of these! The perfect color combos!

  10. In love with the pink necklace it's just to perfect ! :) what do you think of following each other on GFC and bloglovin'? let me know

    Much of love,

  11. Love that pink pree brûlée necklace!