Crazy for Polka Dots

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Polka dots are becoming quite trendy this year. They are pretty easy to incorporate into your wardrobe as well. You can have polka dot shoes, a shirt or even an iPhone case. Here are a few ways you can get this trend for less.

Polka dot sweater
JCrew, $268
The Look for Less: Gap, $44.95

iPhone case
The Look for Less: Amazon, $1

Polka dot slipper flats
Kate Spade, $255
The Look for Less: Dorothy Perkins, $9

Polka dot silk button down shirt
JCrew, $128
The Look for Less: Hurley, $45

What are your favorite ways to wear polka dots?



  1. i have the black and white kate spade iphone case, i love it, but i wish it was thinner!

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  2. i know i have the tory burch one, and its the same way, it can barely fit in a wristlet

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Can't get enough of them! LOVE those sweaters!

  4. I am loving polka dots this season!! x

  5. Oh yes, I agree, I've bought a cardy, tights, and dress lately!

  6. I'm obsessed with dots too :)

  7. I'm loving all these dots:) I like the dot on dot look! Love all the items in this post!