New Beauty Favorites

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Most of these products are not new, but they are new to me! I got a bunch of gift cards for my birthday so I took the opportunity to try and buy a few products that have been on my wish list or have been favorites of many of the YouTubers and bloggers that I follow. 

Urban Decay Naked 1 palette: I finally caved and actually bought this at a cosmetic outlet store. It's already a must-have in my collection and I definitely recommend it. 

Clinique pink honey palette: I got this one for Hanukkah this year and absolutely love it. It's the perfect everyday palette that is super natural and wearable. 

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer: This is a must-have if you want your eyeshadows to show up and pop. I never used one before and didn't know what I was missing!

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara: I got a mini one of these at Ulta and I have to say that I am impressed. The wand looks a bit intimidating but it really works to create voluminous lashes. 

Benefit Rollerlash mascara: This was the birthday gift at Ulta and I love this mascara as well. It's super lengthening and separates lashes perfectly. 

Nars radiant creamy concealer: After returning the Bare Minerals Bare Skin concealer (because it was way too drippy and wet), I bought this Nars concealer that's a favorite of so many people and now I can see why!

Urban Decay high pigment lip gloss (in failbait): This works as a great topper for lipstick or by itself. It's a basic bold pink and has good staying power. 

Mac Ellie Goulding lipstick (in without your love): I was really happy to see that the Mac Ellie Goulding items were still available and this lipstick color was absolutely perfect for me. 

Let me know if you've picked up some new makeup products and if you have any recommendations! I've been on a major beauty kick lately!


Recent Favorites + What I Ordered From the Lilly Sale

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

(also Bowties and Bourbon candle, not online)

Bare Minerals Regal Wardrobe Set (might be sold out online, but some Sephora's still have it)

Kiehl's Skincare Set (price matched!)

Sharing some recent Xmas/Hanukkah/early birthday gifts, some great stuff I picked up on my own and two things I got from the crazy Lilly Pulitzer sale. 


Currently Watching & Listening

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Master of None: If you love Aziz Ansari and you're a millennial, give this show a try. I was laughing out loud every episode.

Serial podcast: Season 2 is tackling the mind-boggling Bowe Bergdahl case. Kind of a different direction for this podcast since a lot of people expected another murder case. However, I'm two episodes in and very intrigued, especially since there have been a lot of new developments with Bergdahl since the podcast came out.

Making a Murderer: Seems like everyone is addicted to this one already! This 10 episode docu-series covers the conviction and eventual exoneration of Steven Avery in Wisconsin. Avery ends up getting accused of another crime after being out of prison for only 2 years. This show exposes a lot of police corruption, questionable convictions and problems in the justice system.

Homeland: Just watched the finale of this show and as always, it did not disappoint. The show has continued to hold my interest no matter how much it changes season to season.

The Affair: I'm still several episodes behind in season 2 but looking forward to finally finding out who killed Scotty Lockhart.

What shows are you currently watching? Are you listening to any podcasts?


Xmas Break Recap: Cruise, Florida and Orange Bowl

Monday, January 4, 2016

Just got back from an awesome Xmas break! We went on a cruise with my boyfriend's family out of Fort Lauderdale, stopped in Cozumel and came back. Then we hung out in Delray Beach, went to the Orange Bowl in Miami and celebrated New Year's. I didn't turn on my computer once and took plenty of naps so it's safe to say that I feel really refreshed and ready to start work again this week!

How was your Xmas and New Year's? 


The Warmest Winter Coats at Wellensteyn

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Although it hasn't been cold yet in New England, we all know it's coming. Having a really warm winter coat is essential to get you through the winter months filled with snow, freezing rain, slush, wind and bitter cold. 

Wellensteyn, a German outerwear brand, just opened its first two stores in the United States, one of which is at the Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, Mass. I was really excited when the company invited me and a friend to come visit the store and try on their huge collection of winter coats, jackets and vests. 

Their coats are super warm, waterproof and wind resistant, perfect for the New England winter conditions. My favorites were the long coats with fur lined hoods and high collars. There were also some really cute short puffer coats, vests and jackets for slightly warmer weather. Overall, they had tons of styles in different lengths, fabrics and colors.

I think the best part about these coats is that knowing you will be really warm and comfortable when you wear them. I have no doubt that I'll be wearing mine a ton this winter. I ended up getting the Stavanger coat in black. 

Thank you again to Wellensteyn for hosting us at your new Wrentham store!


Current Makeup Routine

Monday, December 14, 2015

I haven't done an updated makeup routine post in a long time and I've been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials lately so it's the perfect time to fill you in on the makeup I've been wearing on a daily basis. I've gotten a few new makeup products recently and have integrated those into my routine so this includes some new items and some longtime favorites -- and both include some drugstore and some more pricey brands. What are some of your current favorite makeup products?


Dry Skin Essentials

Saturday, December 5, 2015

During the last few weeks, I've really felt my skin starting to dry out because of the cold weather and the heat being on indoors. Every year there are a few holy grail products I turn to to keep my skin hydrated as much as possible. The best part is, most of these products are pretty affordable so no need to worry about using them sparingly! 

What do you use to keep your skin hydrated during the winter?